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Sunday, October 2, 2016

30 Page Smash Book Challenge starts today!

Hello all you artistic souls. I wanted to add a video to this post, but My mini USB cable is missing so I have no way to upload the video. I will add it later, but for now I wanted to let everyone know, the supply details are up on the Challenge page. I will spend the rest of the day searching for my Mini USB cable, and hopefully I will have videos uploaded  in the morning. Check out all the fun details on the challenge page, click the pic below to go there.


Wednesday, September 28, 2016

What's going on, Gypsy Jenn Workshop update!

Hello Friends! I just got a Twitter account, and I'm creating Posters with quotes everyday to tweet. I wanted to share them with you so that if you want to you can post them on your social media feeds. Only thing is you can not sell digital or printed copies, because they are my work. But feel free to use them in your art, social media, blogs, and websites. 

   If you use them on social media feel free to tag me. 


Twitter- @GypsyJennArtist


I will post them in the tab at the top of the page below the Gypsy Jenn Workshops picture, in the "Share a Quote" section. 

             Here is the very first Poster, I love this quote!

I have been working on the blog a lot this past week getting it ready for the launch. I feel like I'm so behind and won't make my deadline LOL. I keep getting interesting ideas to add to the blog site to make it fun for all you readers!

I'm super excited about the 30 Page Smash Book Challenge that I will be starting on the First of October, Only two days left. I'm freaking out here! The challenge is free to join find more info in the tab section at the top of the blog under the Gypsy Jenn Workshops Picture or click "Challenges"

I have tried to make it super simple to follow my blog. You can follow by email, or subscribe in the right sidebar on the site. I also have a sign up form with updates, freebies, and coupons that I don't always post to my blog. If you want all the extras you can sign up for the newsletter by clicking the picture below!

That's all for now, See you in 2 days for the start of the 30 page smash book challenge, I should have the first video uploaded!

Monday, September 26, 2016

Have you ever been trapped in a Parking Garage?

I Did Today. It's funny now, but at the time I was freaking out!


  So I hate going downtown, where it''s full of one way streets, traffic, and parking garages, but I had to go to something important so I didn't have a choice.

                                               I Found the perfect spot on the fourth floor of the parking garage, then me and the kids walked and got done what I needed to do. We got back in the car after about a hour and a half. I got the kids seat belts on and off we go to one of the two exits. We get to the exit and I see the sign and exit for credit card, well I don't have the hubby's card on me so that's a no go. I see where you can go out if you pay for monthly parking, and again I'm like okay no. 

   Well I thought, maybe the other exit has someone I can pay to exit. So off we go again around and around to the other exit, Where again it has a box for credit cards, and one for monthly payment. So I'm like okay maybe there's another exit. So around and around again to a dead end. UGGGGG. The dead end was where Enterprise rent a car washes their cars, so if you ever get stuck at least you get a free car wash right. LOL.

   So parking garages are strange places you go around what feels like 100 times to never really get anywhere! So around and around back the way I came, I thought "Maybe I missed the other exit with the teller". hmmm Okay around, and around, getting dizzy, around, and again. all the way to the seventh floor, and guess what, Yep no teller. Okay I decide not to go all the way up to the tenth floor, and turned around very, extremely frustrated! So I go back down around and again, and find the first exit. I pulled up to the box to see if I could see a place to put money. Nope, and the same with the monthly parking box.

  " Okay Jennifer, Breathe Just relax, your not really stuck in a never ending spiral with no exit."So around and around to the other exit, I pull up to one of the box's and lo and behold a box for money. so I followed the directions inserted my little parking card, and started digging in my purse. That's when I realized I had no cash on me. "Oh Geez, What next" I think, Okay well I'll just pay with change, so I count out $3.00 in change, when I realize I was in there for a extra 30 minutes so it was six dollars. Grrr okay look for more change. Wait a second, I see a credit card slot, a dollar bill slot, Oh crap where Do I put change! So I did see a button with help on it, and if anyone needed help it was me with four whining kids in the car complaining about the heat and how someone hit someone else and the other one is thirsty.......

  I pressed the button and explained to the security person the problem. He kindly opened the gate for me and I had to pull up to the curb so He could come down and get the change from me. All in All, I have tosay I kept My cool, I got frustrated, but not mad. Score one for Gypsy Jenn! 

   The Moral of the story..... If your going to take four kids downtown and park in a garage, make sure first you didn't give all your money to the ice cream truck the day before!

 I hope you enjoyed this true story, Enjoy the pictures I took from the garage before I knew I was trapped in it. LOL!


Cute Button Bracelets

My newest Bracelets are super cute. These bracelets are made with adorable buttons, and I wanted to tell you my process for making these unique bracelets!

I started by gathering my supplies, choosing the colors of thread and the button I wanted to use. I then measured my thread and set up my bracelet holder. I added the button and started square knotting until the middle. I added the button in the middle and continued knotting till the end.
 I ended the bracelet with a knot and removed it from the bracelet holder. Then I added a cute little heart bead for the closure. That's it I have been working on these all day, and I have a lot done that I will be adding to my store. I have more than what is in the picture so go check them out!

Thanks for reading and have a super cool day!

Thursday, September 8, 2016


Painted magazine pages with paint resist

Hi there for my first tutorial I wanted to share one of my favorite techniques for making collage papers. I do a lot of collage and these are fast and easy, and a plus they are from recycled magazines!

1. First gather your materials, you will need;
           brushes, sponges, or your fingers
           magazine pages(dark colored works best)
           white acrylic paint or gesso
           your favorite color acrylic paint
           stencils, mark making tools, or stamps  
           your imagination!

 2. Using your white paint/Gesso make marks on your magazine page. I used stencils with a sponge on mine. I have used stamps and found mark making tools before as well.Let the paint dry before you move on to the next step.

3. After the white paint has dried mix a couple drops of water with your acrylic paints. Use a sponge, or paintbrush to go over the top of the white paint. Completly cover the page with color. If the white is not showing through as much as you would like you can wipe the color back a little with a paper towel(save your paint stained towels for other projects).

You can see from the pictures below that darker colored magazine pages make the white show up better.

4. Let the paint dry and there you have it! Super easy right! Here are some of the other papers I made using this technique.

Now lets see what you can do with all those super easy collage papers!
This is a 4' x 6' Postcard I started using the papers.

That's it for now, I'd love to hear from everyone, let me know what you think in the comments!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Wanderlust 2016 workshop

Hi all, This year I decided to take the year long workshop Wanderlust 2016. It's so much fun so far. If you want to join there is still time just visit the link to sign up!

The Gallery

Rainbow Collage

   This was a really fun and simple collage. It was time consuming as most torn paper collage's are but so worth it! It turned out Beautiful!
   I used mod Podge to glue down torn pieces of magazine paper. I then went over some of the edges with a marker to get rid of the white spaces.
   I created a workshop for this collage Called "Collage A Rainbow, Beginner Collage Workshop".
If you would like to learn how to create your own Rainbow Collage Keep Reading or go to the website.

In Collage A Rainbow Workshop you will learn basic collage techniques using everyday materials such as magazine pages, markers, and glue. In this workshop I teach you step by step how to create a beautiful Rainbow Collage. I walk you through the steps with easy to understand, and follow directions. This is the perfect workshop for beginners, or a great refresher if it's been awhile since you made a collage. This Workshopis full of tips and tricks with ideas to make your collage unique!   Wether you are a experienced artist or just beginning your art journey you can benifit from this workshop.Learn step by step how to create your collage from beginning to end. Here is a list of what you'll learn in this workshop.

 *Supplies needed to create your collage.
   *Basic Design as a outline for your collage.
   *Choosing papers and colors for your collage.
   *Ripping and gluing papers in a visualy interesting way.
   *Layering papers
   *Tips and tricks for choosing colors, ripping vs cutting papers, layering colors, implied texture.
   *Finishing touches.
   *Ideas for adding visual interest, words, and elements.

The Collage A Rainbow Workshop is available for only $30.00 USD. 

Are you Ready to Create Your very own Stunning Rainbow Collage? Go to the Website to sign up!